Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I decide to go out for a few minutes to vist some other cabins and look what I returned to!!

Some pixies were trying to make a nest under my bed using the new yarn Mummy gave me before I left for cabin. Oh...that Thistle! I know it was her. I'm dispatching an owl to Mummy and Daddy immediately. I think I will finally get up the nerve to go talk with our "new" DADA counselor. At least we'll have something to talk about instead of.... Oh, never mind! Something has to be done about Thistle.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Guessing Lies

This has been a tough one and here are a few of my guesses:

Bevin Rae Mooney: I KNOW this one for a fact! Her lie is that she can't live without her morning coffee. She doesn't drink coffee!

Hermoine Bagnold: I'm guessing that #1 is a lie, i.e., that her natural hair color is blonde.

Antonio dela Weasley: By process of elimination, I say the lie is that he's never traveled outside the US.

Fleur Dolohov: Just a guess...the lie is that she collect Goofy.

Clara Clovenhoof: I think that #4 is the lie. I am guessing that she actually has an older sister and younger brother, not the other way around.

Lily May Clearwater: This one is very tough. I'm tied between 2 possible lies. I think I'll go with #2, that she does cake decorating in her spare time. I want to believe she knits in her spare time!

Phelicia Phoenixfire: I'm guessing nectarines are not her favorite fruit.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here are some things about me that might help others with WINGO:

*My favorite candies or sweets are caramels and hard candies of all sorts, particularly lemom
*I am a Ravenclaw
*I have 7 siblings - 1 brother and 1 sister, 4 half brothers and 1 half sister
*I have been to several castles all over Scotland, i.e., Edinburgh, Stirling, Blair, etc.
*I have a wand and wizard hat.
*I have numerous collections...stitch markers, Precious Moments figurines, salt and pepper shakers, Disney figurines, buttons (to name a few)
*My birth month is July.
*I brought my pet dragon Druscilla with me to camp.
*I have been on lots of trains with several destinations, such as Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Stirling, Minneapolis
*I have played Quidditch.

Hope that helps!

Truth or Lie

I am finally somewhat settled in at Summer Camp. I'm so grateful that Miss Wartbobble didn't put Thistle in my cabin. I'm not sure I would have survived! At least now I can take time to get to know the others in my cabin. I've seen some of them at Hogwarts during regular term, but it's not always easy to get to know those in other Houses. Ravenclaw keeps me pretty busy.

So, in an effort to get to know everyone, I'll tell you 3 truths about me and 1 wee lie. See if you can figure out which one is a lie!

1. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love playing dress up.
2. I have a tattoo on my left ankle.
3. I really want to dye a blue stripe in my hair.
4. I love Manga...particularly if the subject is vampires.

Good luck!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Camp Game 1

I'm packing up my peacock trunk and getting ready for Camp. Here is what I'm taking.

Part I:

Wand (must be prepared for extra curricular DADA training)
Whisky-scented candles
Walking Stick
Wart Medicine (must be prepared for anything when Thistle is around)
Wasp Repellant (again..Thistle prevention!)
Warm woolies
Weasley's Wheezing powder (Offense is the best defense against dreaded cousin Thistle!)

Part II:
I'm a Ravenclaw! Of course, I NEED a black out!!

W1 = Thistle Lovegood (unfortunately)
W2 = Patonga Pinkstone
W3 = Lizzie Wychwood (Owl)
W4 = Ophelia Ballycastle
W5 = Penelope of Flitwick

I1 = Olive Bumblebirch
I2 = Phelicia Phoenixfire (7)
I3 = Bevin Rae Mooney
I4 = Bernadette Hobsworth
I5 = Winifred Wartbobble

N1 = Lily May Clearwater (caramel and hard candy)
N2 = Gryphon the Great
N3 = Prendolyn the Weird
N4 = Hermoine Bagnold
N5 = Winifred Hornswaggle (Machu Picchu)

G1 = Rowena Weasley
G2 = Clara Clovenhoof (74 )
G3 = Georgiana Diggory
G4 = Fleur Dolohov (Frog, King George the II)
G5 = Helga ze Horrid (Danish)

O1 = Emma Wigworthy (England)
O2 = Antonio dela Weasley
O3 = Megaera Black (stitchmarkers)
O4 = Hexy Elfshimmer
O5 = Cassandra Crimsonchin

Part III:

My spoilee is the gorgeous Fiera Firenze. She has 42 projects posted and I particularly LOVE the Dr. Who scarf. It must have taken forever to knit. I don't know where she found the time with all her studies and homework in Ravenclaw Tower. I think Herhomine might have a rival for overachiever! And have you seen how many pairs of Fetching fingerless gloves she's made?! I'm in awe.

My spoiler is Clara Clovenhoof. She has 3 very, very cute projects. My favorite is most definitely creep cute bride and groom! Right up my alley, I think. Brain slug is also pretty cute.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Camp

I'm so excited! My wonderful parents let me sign up for summer camp this morning. I'm anxious to see my old friends and make some new ones. I wonder who I will share a cabin with. I HOPE I don't have to share a cabin with Thistle!! Please.....please.....please...NO THISTLE!

I get to just be a camper this summer. My Head Girl duties are suspended for the summer. I'm ready for a rest and just have fun. Oh, I hope Thistle stays home!