Friday, October 10, 2008


Now that Lavender and I have completed our duel (and I won..hee hee), I feel badly. I tearfully discussed the whole situation with Professor Whitmarsh and, after gently wiping my tears, he explained to me that he and Lavender were truthfully only discussing games. Well, that made me feel even worse. I really regretted dying her robes pink, but I honestly did nothing more than that. I had nothing to do with her billywig poisoning. I wouldn't do that! Lavender and I may be competitors, but she is also a good friend and I wouldn't want to cause her harm.

Also, I didn't change anyone's grades. When I arrived at Professor Whitmarsh's usually very neat and organized office, I discovered the parchments hanging out of their cubby holes. It struck me as very odd and I tried to put them back. It was after some fell that I saw that it appeared grades had been changed. I tried to rectify that, not change them! I then put them back in their neat little niches.

I now remember one very strange thing. As I was leaving the office, I saw a wee ball of green and silver yarn behind a leg of the desk. I wonder if someone had been there before me? I wonder if someone else changed those grades. Does sound like something a Slytherin would do, doesn't it? But who would be out to cause "issues" between me and Lavender? I think I will have to treat Lavender to a trip to Hogsmeade and maybe we can figure this out.


Rowena Weasley said...

Wow, now that's a lot of snooping for a Ravenclaw, I'm a little bit proud. In other news some things came to me....and they're amazing, just so you know. I really want to keep them (being a Slytherin) but they appear to be intended for someone else ;)