Thursday, October 2, 2008

Accidents Happen

One recent beautiful evening, I was giving Professor Whitmarsh a tour of the Hogwarts grounds. It was so beautiful and peaceful down around the lake at sunset. The sight of multicolored swans gliding along in pairs with their graceful necks entertwined was very romantic. Somehow along the way, my foot because tangled in something and I ended up with a broken bone. Professor Whitmarsh was very concerned and helped me back to the infirmary where put me in the care of Emma Wigworthy.

After leaving the infirmary, I wanted to let Professor Whitmarsh know that the break wasn't severe when I saw that Lavender Ackerly had cornered him and was talking his ear off. Being the considerate person he is, he was smiling and nodding his head as Lavender continued to talk and retain him. As I turned to leave, I saw Lavender's robe on the floor so I picked it up and saw that someone had stepped on it and left quite a muddy footprint. I hobbled back to my dorm room where, unfortunately, I tripped and fell into a few of Minee's cauldrons of dye. There was quite a colorful pool of liquid on the floor and, not thinking, I threw Lavender's robe on top of the dye to prevent it from spreadding to my peacock feathers. I must say that Lavender's robe was much improved with the tie-dyed that florescent pink!

I thought I should probably make good use of my time so I went to Professor Whitmarsh's office to wait for him. I was hoping that he had finally escaped from the trap set by Lavender A. I started straightening up the office and saw that the doors to the cupboards containing cubby holes filled with parchments was open and a few parchments were falling out. I slowly climbed up the ladder to put the parchments back. I was certainly surprised to see that the parchments contained the grades of all the DADA students. A couple parchments fell to Professor Whitmarsh's desk and were smudged. I tried to re-write those grades but Lucious''s handwriting is sometimes very hard to read. I sure hope I didn't screw up anyone's grade.


CentyB said...

Trap? Flourescent? Luscious.
Wonderful. :)