Saturday, September 25, 2010

What would I take with me.............

If I were going into hiding (because I don't go camping), I would must definitely take the following:

  • A bag full of books.  I always have to have a book with me.  I could escape into any storyline and no one would every find me!  I can't imagine life without a book to read.
  • A craft of some sort to keep me amused, be it knitting, cross stitch, scrapbooking or sewing.  I love creating things and would want something to keep my hands busy.
  • A journal.  One of the things I enjoy is putting my thoughts down on paper.  If I went into hiding, I would want to leave behind the story of my journey.
  • A camera.  I love taking photos to help me enjoy my journeys long after they are over.  I would want to keep a pictorial record of my journey though life.
  • Photos of my family.  I would never want to forget the faces of my family members or how they have impacted my life and made me the person I am.