Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Here is just a wee taste of the super awesome kit I received from Clara Clovenhoof. First of all there is this wonderful wooden box. I SO love boxes and this one is incredible. It will definitely be used to hold my treasures!

Inside the box are 5 skeins of Knits Picks Stroll yarn in Sappphire Heather and Duchess Heather to be used to knit Norwegian stockings!! I can't wait to give it a shot!! I have very proud of my Norwegian heritage and these socks will definitely be lovingly knit with all my ancestors in mind. Clara knit me the cutest little witch and an adorable little owl...both wearing Ravenclaw scarves! My little owl will be looking over my shoulder whenever I knit or cross stitch. Halloween is my favorite holiday so the witch will have a place of honor! I also received two coffe mug cozies (since we all know I'm addicted to caffeine!), a wire and charm bookmark, a knit Ravenclaw bookmark, peacock charms, and an awesome see bead necklace. Clara also gave me two other sock patterns, a graph notebook for designing my own patterns, and the book Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. I love the book!! There is so much history in it, which I love.

Finally, Clara gave me some beautiful peacock stitchmarkers and an absolutely gorgeous peacock pendnt necklace!! My mouth dropped open when I saw the necklace because I saw a necklace with the same pendant at an arts and crafts faif last weekend. I wanted that necklace SOOOOOOOOO much....and now I have it!! Thank you dear, dear Clara!!

And last of all is a green hissee fit snake!! Clara just had to remind me that she's a Slytherin (but I actually think she's too nice! She must be a Ravenclaw at heart.)


CelticMommy said...

Wow! That kit fits you to a T! Excellent job Clara!

setembrina said...

Guess I get the pleasure of spoiling you.